Blogs, websites, SEO, CMS, search engines, social media advertising, Facebook advertising, mobile apps
...Sounds complicated
Internet can be simpler!

Web Development

Corporate Websites, Blogs, eShops, Portals, News sites, WordPress, microsites, from the simplest to the most complex projects

Online Marketing

Are you asking the first position in search engines, clever facebook campaigns, a complete advertising in Google Adwords

Custom Applications

Professional applications,Online booking, eShops, Custom Programming, WordPress Development

Ideas that work

You have the idea, but you need the tools and the technologies to make it work?


Strategy and Results

we create based on your requirements and aiming to results that you can measure

Smart design Ideas

Ideas that will impress, websites with modern and beautiful design

Open Source

Open source, low cost, lifetime support, without commitments to corporate technologies and products

Modern technologies and proper code

Technologies used by large site such as Google. Code based on international standars

Search Engines? Aim high

We create the conditions for better results in allmajor search engines

Easy manage, update and configure your website

Renew your website with the same simple way as you write an email

Responsive design

pixel working with all devices, smartphones, tablets, pc, mac and all broswers

Measurable Results

We provide stats to have measurable results

Competitive prices

Compare our services and costs .... we provide quality services in greate price



Bio: Nick Melistas
I work professionally in the field of new media, in Athens and in Nafpaktos, with clients all over Greece and abroad.

My motto is "simple things are the most effective" and based on this philosophy started my own company, Simple Ideas

The Company

Simple ideas is a flexible company, with experience in web development, internet and new technologies. We design and develop beautiful, modern, dynamic and effective websites for your company, based and built on the philosophy that the simple things are the most effective.

Our main priority is to provide you with all the tools you need to grow your company at the internet. Rely on our experience, we have market knowledge, we are evolving along with the modern technologies. So we manage to provide excellent consulting services, dynamic solutions and excellent products. These are the elements that set us apart.